WEB3LEX is built to be the go-to legal resource for the web3 community.

As a 1st pillar, we are compiling an international free-to use knowledge base where you can find general answers to your most important legal questions about web3. And you can compare answers given for different national laws for the same questions. The answers shall give indications and guidance, but they do not constitute legal advice.

The 2nd pillar of our platform aims at nothing less than revolutionizing the way clients interact with their legal counsel: We invite clients to meet the Contributors of our knowledge base, the international #lawyers4web3, in the WEB3LEX virtual office. Access will be granted throught non-fungible tokens, which the clients can purchase on OpenSea. Think of the tokens as a voucher, which comes with the key to open the door to your meeting. We cannot wait to meet your avatar online!

Please note that WEB3LEX does not provide legal services nor legal advice. If at all, legal advice may be provided by Contributors in case of a direct and individual exchange with a client.

WEB3LEX is brought to you by the WEB3LEX team. We are web3 natives who have put and will continue to put a lot of love and effort into this project. We hope you find it useful.

While WEB3LEX is an entirely bootstrapped startup, we could not have gotten here without the very generous support of the wonderful web3 and creative professionals of MUTABOR. We will be forever grateful!

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We are a virtual law firm for web3 matters.


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