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Since this service is currently in the BETA stage, we have restricted it to a few select jurisdictions. This limitation allows us to enhance the process and improve your user experience, before scaling it to a wider range of countries.




These Terms of Booking Service apply for users who want to use the WEB3LEX Contributor Booking Tool (the “User”) to book an appointment with one of the attorneys listed on WEB3LEX (the “Contributors”) for a legal consulting session.

Only persons with full legal capacity (no minors) are allowed as Users.

Users and Contributors can be of any sex, gender and pronouns. For simplicity only, they are referred to as “he” or “him” in these Terms of Booking Service.

Using the WEB3LEX Contributor Booking Tool (“the Booking Tool”)

The Booking Tool can be used to send a request for an appointment for legal consultation.

By sending a request, User makes a binding offer to conclude two commercial agreements: (1) an agreement with the relevant Contributor (who may then conclude an attorney-client engagement relationship with User for legal consultation) at the price indicated by Contributor in the booking form (gross amount, so including VAT) and (2) an agreement with WEB3LEX (Dr. Oliver Scherenberg) for the fee-based use of the Booking Tool.

The price indicated in the Booking Tool for the relevant consultation session includes the gross compensation for Contributor and a fee for the use of the Booking Tool, the latter being an amount of 10% added to the Contributor compensation indicated in the booking form.

User’s Relationship to booked Contributor

The indicated consulting session with the booked Contributor is considered an initial legal consultation (German: “Erstberatung”). If Contributor accepts the offer, this constitutes an out-of-court fee agreement between User and Contributor, which may deviate from the statutory fees set forth by the applicable attorney consideration laws. Fees are immediately due for payment (sessions will be pre-paid in time of booking request). If Contributor does not accept the offer, payments already made by User will be reimbursed by WEB3LEX.

For compliance with national legal requirements, where applicable, it may be required that User provides his full name, age (as proof of legal capacity) and a current registration address to Contributor before starting a consulting session (identity disclosure).

The data requested during the identity disclosure must be provided by User in a complete and correct manner. User may be asked to present an ID card or other equivalent proof of identity in order to verify the information provided. In case data changes, User must update the relevant information and inform Contributor accordingly without delay.

User’s Relationship to WEB3LEX

WEB3LEX provides the Booking Tool to allow User to connect with Contributor for a legal consultation.

WEB3LEX (Dr. Oliver Scherenberg) charges a user fee for the use of the Booking Tool in the event User books a legal consultation with a Contributor. The usage fee is due immediately upon booking.

The actual legal consultation will not be provided by WEB3LEX but by the relevant Contributor. The legal consultation by Contributor will take place outside of WEB3LEX (even if an immersive experience in the WEB3LEX Virtual Office on the Spatial platform is used for the conversation).

User acknowledges that WEB3LEX (Dr. Oliver Scherenberg) may take over the invoicing, collecting, booking and forwarding of incoming payments for the booked Contributor, typically under integration of the accounting system of Contributor.

In consequence, User may receive one invoice for the overall and combined amount as indicated in the booking, which consists of the fees for the legal consultation and the fee for using the Booking Tool.

Right of Revocation

Users who made a booking using the Booking Tool can cancel their booking within 14 days after the booking was made. With the cancellation, User expresses its desire to revoke the contractual relationships arising from the booking as described in section 1 above. Amounts already debited or paid shall be refunded to User within 14 days by the means by which User made the payment.

In order to exercise the right of revocation, User must send us a clear statement of revocation to WEB3LEX (by e-mail, letter or fax, or by clicking the “Cancel Booking” button for the relevant booking in the User profile, if such a technical option is provided by WEB3LEX at WEB3LEX’s discretion). User may use the following sample declaration of revocation but is free to use any other clear communication:

Template of a Declaration of Revocation


c/o SCHERENBERG LEGAL & LICENSING, Dr. Oliver Scherenberg
Luruper Chaussee 125 (Haus 6 rechts)
D-22761 Hamburg
Fax: +49 40 40 113 193 1

I hereby revoke (1) the agreement pertaining to the legal consultation which I booked on ((date)) via WEB3LEX with ((name of the contributor)) for ((date of the booked appointment)) and (2) the agreement pertaining to the use of the WEB3LEX Booking Tool.

((name of the user, address, date of revocation))

If the right of revocation is exercised after the start of the booked legal consultation has taken place, User shall pay compensation for the value of the consulting service rendered. Unless User can prove otherwise, the value is the same amount as the consultancy fee agreed with Contributor plus the Booking Tool useage fee for WEB3LEX.


By using the Booking Tool, User confirms agreement with WEB3LEX’s Privacy Policy (LINK). The Privacy Policy is also an integral part of these Terms of Booking Services and included by reference.

If any provision of the Terms of Booking Services is invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected, and the invalid provision shall be deemed replaced by a provision that comes as close as legally possible to the economic purpose of the invalid provision.

These Terms of Booking Services only apply to the use of the Booking Tool and the resulting legal consultation by a Contributor, if any. For the further use of the WEB3LEX website, the General Terms and Conditions (LINK) shall apply, unless otherwise provided for in these Terms of Booking Services.

Status: October 2023

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