As a creator, can I change the terms of the IP license after mint?

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This is possible by way of agreement with the current holder of the NFT.

Stefan Ellenberg



Yes. However, the applicable version of the license will be determined at the time of
the sale of the NFT. Hence, if the creator sells an NFT at a time where the licence
provides that the NFT purchaser will own all IP rights on the underlying work, the NFT
purchaser will be able to invoke such version of the licence, even if a later version of
the licence provides that no IP rights are assigned with the purchase of a NFT of the

Laetitia Nicolazzi

Intellectual Property


There is no legal provision in this regard but changing the license can be considered abusive after purchase if the change brings damage to previously established agreements. If there is a consumption relationship, this risk is even greater due to consumer protection by the Consumer Defense Code.

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