As a creator, how and where shall I best communicate which commercial use rights I want to provide to the NFT owner?

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The market standard is to do this through a T&C on a page for the NFT collection in question.
This approach has been legally valid and acknowledged for many years, before NFTs as well.
It would be wise to link to the webpage of the NFT collection and to the T&C in question on
marketplaces as well.

Eugen Faraj

Lawyer - IP, crypto, tax, finance, blockchain, commerce


Through the project’s/platform webpage or through specific contracts signed with the
NFT purchaser.

Laetitia Nicolazzi

Intellectual Property


Derek Hawkins


This information may be on the mint page, project whitepaper, regulations, terms of use, digital contracts linked via metadata, and descriptions in marketplaces, among other ways.

Fabio Cendão

Intellectual Property and Innovation

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