Can a creator change a smart contract after minting?

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It is impossible to modify smart contracts once they have been immutably published to the
blockchain. However, it is possible to use a proxy or intermediary smart contract, which points
to the current version of the smart contract that should be used at the time of a function call. In
this instance the proxy smart contract will have a function to update the address value so a
developer can change the target address of the “updated” smart contract.

Dirk Schuster

Tax Technology


In general, under Polish law, a binding contract can be changed if specific circumstances occur or if such a possibility is provided for explicitly in the contract itself. However, the idea of a smart contract is for the contract to be unchangeable once it’s published on the blockchain. The above limitations of the technology must be taken into account when answering this question. Therefore, changing a smart contract will require a new smart contract or a proxy smart contract pointing to the original smart contract in order to change the original obligations of the parties.

Justyna Maria Bartoszek

FinTech, Crypto & Web3

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