Can virtual currency be protected by intellectual property law in the Metaverse?

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The virtual currency itself will most likely consist of some computer code and visual elements, both of which can be protected by copyright. The name and logo/symbol of the currency might also be eligible for trademark protection. Virtual currency generally is issued by the developers of the respective metaverse environment, so that they will be the “original” owners of these intellectual property rights. Both the legal status of and the rules for the use of the virtual currency within the
metaverse will most likely be defined by (and in favor of) the developer in the respective end user license agreement (EULA). In most EULAs, the virtual currency will be defined as some sort of in-game (or in-metaverse) content, to which only the developer owns the intellectual property rights (alongside characters, skins, virtual objects and items etc.). The EULA usually grants the user a certain right to use this intellectual property with the respective metaverse / game environment – while
playing the game or using the metaverse environment.

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