Do laws regarding employment and labor rights apply to individuals working for a DAO?

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  • Poland


Traditional employment and labor rights laws in Poland apply to recognized legal entities, such as corporations and partnerships, and their employees. These laws cover various aspects of the employer-employee relationship, such as working hours, minimum wage, social security
contributions, health and safety, anti-discrimination, and collective bargaining rights.
DAOs, on the other hand, operate in a decentralized manner and often do not have a centralized management structure or traditional employer-employee relationships. Instead, participants in a DAO may be considered contractors, freelancers, or members, depending on the nature of their involvement.

As a result, it is unclear whether and to what extent Polish employment and labor rights laws would apply to individuals working for a DAO. In some cases, participants in a DAO who are based in Poland and perform work for the organization may still be entitled to certain rights and protections under Polish law as independent contractors or freelancers.

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