Is a roadmap part of the purchase of an NFT?

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It depends if there is a roadmap promising next steps for a project.
If that is the case, the article 35 of the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code would
oblige the tenderer to fulfill the promise, if it is a consumer relation, as well as the article 427
of the Brazilian Civil Code orders that "the contract proposal obliges the proposer, if the
contrary does not result from its terms, the nature of the business, or the circumstances of the


The roadmap of an NFT project can indeed constitute an integral part of the purchase of an NFT.

Elvin Sababi

Regulatory and Compliance (including AML), NFT IP rights, Crypto taxation


This depends on the contract terms as agreed impliedly or expressly.

Ifeanyi E. Okonkwo

Intellectual Property & Commercial Law


The question of whether a roadmap is part of the purchase of an NFT according to Polish law is uncertain and would depend on the specific terms and conditions of the NFT.

A roadmap is not a legal requirement for the purchase of an NFT under Polish law, but it is a common practice for NFT creators to provide a roadmap for the future development of their project. The roadmap is usually a document that outlines the creator's plans for the future development of their project, including upcoming features, partnerships, and other developments that could potentially affect the value of the NFT.

If the roadmap contains firm commitments to perform certain factual or legal acts in some situations it could be considered part of the concluded contract between the NFT issuer and the buyer.

Maciej Niezgoda

Intellectual Property, Data Protection, DeFi, Fintech, AML

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