Is an airdrop taxable for the creator?

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The Finance Ministry of Germany have provided information about the taxable event of an airdrop. A taxable transaction occurs if the exchange is actual & cost-free. The airdrop is not a taxable event if the recipient of the airdrop must give something in return. This is the case, if the recipient provides personal data or services in return for receiving the airdrop. For example, an airdrop is a taxable event, if the recipient uploads pictures/photos, private films or makes marketing for the airdrop. The decisive factor ist whether the taxpayer provides more information to the data recipient than is required for the technical transfer of the tokens.

Robert Müller

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The practice of airdrop (donation) is within the list of operations subject to the
provision of information under the terms of IN RFB 1888 article 6º, § 2º. But crypto-asset
donation operations still do not have the obligation to collect ITCMD (equivalent to USA’s
Estate Tax, which applies to donations) – but there are already bills to make it clear that the tax
is levied on the donation of crypto-assets using the concept described in the RFB.

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