Where can a secondary owner check the use rights?

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The first owner, the person that minted the NFT, will have most likely minted the NFT
on the website of project. Those who minted the NFT by direct interaction with the
smart contract or in case the project used a platform for minting, have the same
problem as the secondary buyers: They need to check the terms of the use rights for
the artwork.
Typically, these terms can be found on the project website. Rarely (at the date of this
text in September 2022) such terms are on chair or otherwise connected to the NFT.
Such solution provides more transparency and consistency since this will not allow any
later changes of the license terms.

Oliver Scherenberg

IP and licensing


The secondary holder needs to check the metadata, descriptions, contracts and any other regulations or terms related to the initial NFT mint to understand what kind of rights are bind to the token.

Fabio Cendão

Intellectual Property and Innovation

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