Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a WEB3LEX NFT of our collection “WEB3LEX Expert MeetUp May 2023” on OpenSea or later on the secondary market, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”): 

  1. These terms represent a binding agreement between you and WEB3LEX, Dr. Oliver Scherenberg, Luruper Chaussee 125 (Haus 6 rechts), 22761 Hamburg, Germany, for owning a WEB3LEX NFT and the digital artwork linked to it.
  2. If you buy or sell the WEB3LEX NFT, you will do it through the Blockchain, and we will not be involved. 
  3. The purchase transaction for a WEB3LEX NFT happens on the Blockchain and OpenSea as a marketplace and interface to make the transaction visible. Secondary sales may happen on other platforms or through a private transfer. Each such transaction is based on commands in Smart Contracts triggering an action causing the transaction to be performed. 
  4. It is your responsibility to use caution when making transactions and interacting with Smart Contracts. We have not developed the Smart Contracts of the WEB3LEX NFTs, but we have used no-code tools provided by OpensSea and therefore do not accept responsibility for any mistakes or unintended effects caused by such Smart Contracts. 
  5. WEB3LEX NFTs should not be considered as an investment. They are considered art projects, and we have the right to add more utility to them. 
  6. Further utility besides the arts of the WEB3LEX NFTs have is the function of a consultancy voucher for the time indicated in the metadata of the token, and a key to open the door to our virtual offices, where the owner of the relevant token (represented by their avatar) can meet legal experts (represented by their avatar) at a pre-determined time for a pre-determined topic. WEB3LEX will choose the expert that will be present at the meeting. The WEB3LEX NFT does not give the holder the right to ask for any change of meeting time, meeting topic or a particular legal expert to be present at the meeting. 
  7. Laws and regulations for NFTs, crypto currencies, and Blockchain technology are still moving targets and subject to change in various jurisdictions. You accept the risk and responsibility if anything changes and accept that you have no claims against WEB3LEX and the people operating it in any such event. 
  8. Purchasing a WEB3LEX NFT and seeing it in your wallet after a successful transaction makes you its owner. 
  9. Should you be the first purchaser of the WEB3LEX NFT and purchased it directly from us through our OpenSea account, you can revoke the purchase within 14 days of the successful transaction, provided, however, that the date for the virtual meeting indicated in the NFT metadata has not yet passed. Please get in touch and let us know if you wish to exercise the right of revocation and we will arrange for a credit of the purchase price once you transferred the relevant WEB3LEX NFT back into our wallet. 
  10. By owning a WEB3LEX NFT and for as long as you own it, you also own the underlying digital art. However, you do not own the intellectual property rights to the art. We grant you a non-transferrable non-commercial license to use, distribute, copy, and display the art for personal purposes. You may not use the art in any unlawful or offensive way, create derivative works, or fractionalize the NFT. Moral rights and personality rights are not part of the license. Any commercial use requires our prior written consent. 
  11. We reserve the right to use and commercialize the artwork linked to your WEB3LEX NFT by ourselves or through others, including to create derivative works of it. 
  12. If you transfer your WEB3LEX NFT to someone else, they will become the new owner and have the same rights and limitations as you did. This also applies to the underlying artwork. 
  13. You represent that purchasing, owning and trading the WEB3LEX NFT and the underlying art is legal where you live, and that you are legally allowed to purchase and use it as we intend. You further represent to follow any tax laws that apply to owning and trading the WEB3LEX NFT. It is your responsibility to make sure all of your actions in this context are legal. 
  14. If you give us feedback, you give us permission to use your feedback forever and as we see fit, including to publish it. 
  15. Unless we caused damage on purpose or by gross negligence, or in the event the laws prevent us from limiting our responsibility, we cannot be held liable for any damage that happens from using our website, buying, selling or owning a WEB3LEX NFT or the related artwork. 
  16. We cannot guarantee that our website will always work correctly, that the information on it is correct, or that it is safe from viruses or other harmful events. This also applies to other website we use, especially OpenSea, the platform on which we sold the WEB3LEX NFT, and Spatial, which hosts our virtual office. 
  17. These T&Cs are based on German law under exclusion of the conflict of laws principles. If you are a consumer, additional national consumer protection laws may apply too. 
  18. In case of a dispute between you and us, the Courts of Hamburg, Germany, shall be competent for first instance claims. If you are a consumer, you may also file a suit before your local court, however, in any event, there will be no jury trials. 
  19. We can assign our rights and obligations under these terms to a third party without requiring your consent. 
  20. We reserve the right to unilaterally change these T&Cs and should that be the case, we will publish the new version instead of the older versions on this website. 

Date: 2023, April 19th

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